Nov 05

It’s been about half a year since development started on Firewall, my very own game, and after some private testing its time to give it a bit of an extra push. I invite anyone to help test it before it’s launched; so please do! Testing is done via TestFlight, so go to the landing page there or to the Tumblr page for more information. Please note that the game is only available for the iOS platforms as of now, but if things go well I’ll make the effort for an Android port.


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2 Responses to “Testing Firewall”

  1. Dasha Says:

    Wow! cool congrats! does iphone required? cause i have only android ))

  2. Aviad Says:

    @Dasha: Sorry, no… I’ll fix the post. It’s only for iOS devices, and only for iOS 4.1 and above.. I believe that in the future there will be an Android version, and I’ll update here as well… (Hoping I’m not abusing my blog too much for it..)